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Forever Beautiful

ShowerGuard® is the industry’s first permanent, shower glass protection product (Visit North America or Europe). Most other products available today are spray-on chemical coatings that don’t last long and must be replenished with manufacturer after-care products.


ShowerGuard never needs to be replenished or reapplied. Guardian uses a patented technology that seals the glass surface during manufacturing, preventing visible chemical corrosion and reducing spots, residues, stains and scale build-up.

Resists chemical corrosion

Untreated glass is susceptible to damage and aging effects when exposed to hard water, soap, organics and humidity. Glass chemically reacts with these contaminants to create spots, residues, stains and scale build-up. Over time, this chemical corrosion permanently damages the glass. ShowerGuard seals the glass to virtually eliminate chemical corrosion. Using ShowerGuard glass reduces the need for:

ShowerGuard UltraWhite - for stunning clarity


  •    Time consuming maintenance

  •    Corrosive cleaning products

  •    Special after care products

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Standard clear glass contains small amounts of iron, which give it a slightly greenish tint. But ShowerGuard UltraWhite™ low-iron glass is stunningly clear, letting the true color and beauty of your shower surround shine through.

  •   Low-iron formula increases light transmission and color neutrality for the most clear appearance.

  •    Provides a pristine showcase for elegant shower materials and fixtures.

  •    Ideal for clear, heavy-glass frameless enclosures.

  •    Improves color consistency between shower walls and their exterior matching surrounds.

ShowerGuard SatinDeco - acid-etched for a silky-smooth finish

Standard acid-etched glass brings a silky elegance to any shower, but it won’t mask the corrosive effects of the harsh shower environment. ShowerGuard SatinDeco® is the first and only shower glass to combine the beauty of acid-etched glass with the corrosion-fighting strength of ShowerGuard.

  • A continuous acid-etch process creates a silky-smooth surface that provides privacy while still allowing light to shine through.

  • ShowerGuard’s patented technology seals the un-etched surface of the glass, fighting corrosion before it takes hold.

Total customer solutions in North America

ShowerGuard from Guardian is available throughout North America via the ShowerGuard network of registered dealers, and globally through Guardian Select Fabricators. ShowerGuard provides fabricators with an innovative technology to add to their arsenal. It gives kitchen and bath dealers a solution to better serve their customers. And for folks who want beautiful shower glass, they now have a way to protect that investment.

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